31 January 2020

Dutch classes, Spring semester

Practical information

Starting date: 9 March 2020

End of class: end of June 2020; with a break during Ramadan

Number of classes: 20 (40 hours) + final exam

Teaching language: Dutch + English

Location: NIMAR (3, Av. Mohamed El Fassi/ex Av.Marrakech, Hassan, Rabat)

Course material: Nederlands in gang


Level 1: Monday (5-7pm) and Thursday (5-7pm)

Price: 2000 dhs + 500 dhs for the study material

Course description

The aim of this course is to acquire basic communication skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. A particular focus is given to daily used vocabulary.

This course is intended for highly educated adults and students. The course rhythm is high and students are expected to show an active attitude in class. Classes must be prepared at home, taking into account 3 hours of preparation per class.

At the end of the semester, a written exam evaluates the knowledge. The student receives a certificate if he/she passes the exam and has attended at least 80% of the courses.

Level 1

After the first level, students are able to have short conversations on several topics such as personal situation, family, housing, and to understand simple texts.

Previous knowledge of the Dutch language is not necessary as this is a beginner's course, but knowledge of English (A2) is desirable.


Registration takes place at NIMAR, from Monday February 10 to Friday February 28 (between 9am and 5pm, Friday from 9am to 3pm). For subscription, you need the fees for the course and the study material (2500 dhs, in cash) plus a copy of your identity card.

16 spots are available per level. If there are more than 16 interested people, they will be placed on a waiting list.

If there are not enough participants, the course is cancelled and the fees refunded. You will receive a confirmation or cancellation during the week of March 2.