02 May 2018

Lecture on Literary Migration in the work of Flemish writer Rachida Lamrabet

Marjan Nijborg is a scientific information specialist at the Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR). She received her PhD at the University of Amsterdam where her study was part of a funded umbrella research on Moroccan Diasporic Writing. In her dissertation she examines, among other things, the effect of literary migration and globalisation in the works of Dutch(-language) writers of Moroccan origin.

In this lecture she focuses on the work of one writer in particular: Rachida Lamrabet, a Flemish writer of Moroccan descent living in Belgium. By giving an in-depth analysis of her literary work, focusing especially on all the different characters in the author’s debut novel Vrouwland (Woman Country), she touches on themes and motifs, such as clandestine migration, the so-called doppelgänger, gender and magical realism.   

Rachida Lamrabat recentRachida Lamrabet