07 March 2018

Lecture: Art historian, Anissa Foukalne

Art historian and affiliated researcher of the NIMAR Anissa Foukalne will present this Thursday 8 March 2018 the progression of her research project about the minbars (prechairs in mosques) of an upcoming museum in Marrakech.

This new institution is coordinated by the Moroccan Ministry of Islamic Affairs and contains a collection focused on Morocco's religious heritage. Anissa will explain how her stay in Marrakech during the past four months has progressed and what information she has been able to find so far about the origin of the preaching chairs.

When: Thursday, 8 March 2018
Where: Netherlands Institute Morocco (NIMAR) 3, Avenue Mohamed El Fassi (ex. Av. Marrakech)Hassan Rabat.
Time: 16:00
Language: Dutch