Islamic finance and business in Morocco - Summer course 2020

Looking for inspiration in finance? Keen on exploring new countries and cultures? Our summer course is the perfect fit!
A different view on finance
This day and age requires us to look for new economic systems. Current investment models are reaching their limits when it comes to ethics and sustainability. Researching new models helps young economists perceive their work field in a different way, leading them to ground-breaking thoughts and ideas for the future. During this summer course, The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) introduces you to Islamic finance: a unique form of socially responsible investments.

Sensible, social and sustainable
A substantial part of the world’s wealth is in the hands of Islamic countries. That’s why the first reason to look into this topic is purely practical. But Islamic finance is more than a portal to interesting investors. It’s also a future-proof way to approach the global economy. The system, based on the sharia, doesn’t allow investment in harmful products like weapons and alcohol. It doesn’t acknowledge the principle of interest and trading in financial risks is forbidden. Some say that a global economy based on Islamic finance is free from financial crises.

The course
Join us on a two-week summer course to the Moroccan city of Rabat and explore the promising field of Islamic financial instruments, systems and banking. Inspiring guest lecturers insist you leave your calculators at home, as you will be more focused on the system’s social aspects. Of course, there will also be plenty of time to explore beyond the classroom. Along with company visits and field trips, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture. Our passionate and knowledgeable guides hold the keys to the cities of Rabat, Salé and Casablanca. Together we’ll visit markets, sights, kitchens and art galleries, leaving you enough time to explore on your own.

The university
The Hague University of Applied Sciences prepares students to build and contribute to our ever-changing society. We train you to be aware of your surroundings and to recognise opportunities, by providing you with the right set of skills, knowledge and mindset. The Islamic finance summer course is organised by lecturers in finance at THUAS’ International Business Programme. Among other things, this programme provides students with a proficiency in intercultural relations, in order to be successful in a global business environment.

Practical Information
Course Dates: July 13th till July 24th, 2020
Location: Netherlands Institute in Morocco (NIMAR), Rabat, Morocco
Course fee: € 549
Return flights: from € 160
Rooms: from €300 (for two weeks)
ECTS: 3, credited by all universities worldwide
Maximum number of participants: 15

Course Coordinator
Mr Peter Heinen, Lecturer Finance
International Business
The Hague University of Applied Sciences


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