NIMAR fotoselectie 0014
NIMAR fotoselectie 0014
"I've noticed that the more I try to interact with people in their language, the more comfortable I feel with trying it out."
Hatice, student about her experiences of the Nimar-Minor:

Feeling accustomed to the life in Rabat

Discovering Rabat

As this was our second week at the Nimar, this really meant we were still getting used to everything. By now I think everyone at the Nimar has gotten to know each other a little bit and that has led to a very pleasant atmosphere. Every morning before class everyone just gathers for a nice cup of tea or coffee in the sunny garden (as the weather is great) and has a chat. However this week at the Nimar was also a very intensive one regarding the classes. We had a crash course on research methods and design by prof. Buitelaar which was, to say the least, very intense.

By the end of the week we were given a lot of new information on how to do our future research, which is the main point of this minor. What I really liked about the course is that we already started doing some field work and some observations in the city. For me this really made it helpful to get to know the city and its people better; I discovered a lot of new places that I hadn't been to before and saw and met new people.

Walking through the streets of Medina

However, coming to Morocco does not only mean studying. In my free time I like to stroll through the city, especially through the streets of the old city: the medina. It’s always fun to buy your fresh fruits and vegetables from a nice vendor at the market in your best Moroccan Arabic. I've noticed that the more I try to interact with people in their language, the more comfortable I feel with trying it out. At the same time, I've noticed two weeks have already passed in Rabat and I'm feeling more accustomed to the life here in general.

Some students spent their weekend by going on a trip to Essaouira, but I decided to stay and discover my temporary home town. Like I said before, walking through the medina and looking at the traditional products in the souqs is an experience on its own. Another one of my favorite spots is the beach. Some people really like the surfing scene here, but having a cup of Moroccan mint tea in a serene cafe by the ocean is another good alternative.

Of course Rabat can also be discovered by night. Although the city isn’t famous for its nightlife but there are quite a few things you can do with friends. You could have a nice (“gezellig”) coffee with your friends in Agdal for example or stroll through the bars in the city. In any case, there is something that suits everyone's taste.

So to sum it up, this week was meant for me to try and figure out how to live a life in a completely different place than I'm used to and to discover what it has to offer to me.