Minor Culture and Society in Morocco

Students interested in the study of Morocco can enroll in the English-taught minor ‘Culture and Society in Morocco’. This English-taught minor is worth 30 EC, and offers both training in ethnographic research skills and in knowledge specifically related to Morocco and the Arab world at large


During the fall semester, .starting in September 2018, NIMAR offers the minor Culture and Society in Morocco. This minor has a focus on social sciences and humanities and gives the opportunity to learn a foreign language. This minor is highly suitable for second- and third-year students of International Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, African Studies, Social Sciences or any other student with an interest in North African culture and its languages.

What this minor offers

You will immerse yourself in Moroccan culture during three months, and become familiar with Moroccan society. Classes, taught by several Moroccan and foreign academics, will cover Moroccan history, society, politics and generic skills to do ethnographic field­work in Arab or North African societies. This minor also offers an intensive course in methods and techniques and an extended research period of five weeks during which you will conduct qualitative research. The language skills you acquire will help you to interact with your interviewees. Besides following classes, you will participate in many excursions in Rabat and neighbouring cities, and also go on a five-day fieldwork trip to the Moroccan countryside.


Excursion during a previous NIMAR programme


Living in Rabat

Rabat has a comfortable environment with cultural influences from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Rabat is the capital of Morocco but is has an ‘easy going vibe’ compared to the more touristic cities like Fes or Marrakech. With both the old city centre and Kasba des Oudayas you get the experience of living in a typical Moroccan city. This in combination with the more luxurious shopping districts, like Agdal, makes Rabat a perfect place to study.


NIMAR students share how it is to live in Rabat


How to apply

All students must register for the minor Culture and Society in Morocco 2018 via the study administration system uSis (possible from 1 May 2018). Students from other universities who wish to register for the minor in uSis must enroll as guest student at Leiden University. Visit the Leiden University website for more informa­tion. or email m.a.maljers@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Leiden University students have another option: submit an application online with Leiden University’s International Relations’ department before 1 December 2017: https://www.student.universiteitleiden.nl/en/study--studying/studying-abroad


Contact and information

For more information about the programme and registration procedures, please contact the minor coordinator Yara Maljers: m.a.maljers@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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