30 October 2018

Cleveringa meeting, Prof. dr. Wil Roebroeks

NIMAR has the honour and the pleasure to invite you to the annual Cleveringa conference of Prof. Dr. Wil Roebroeks (Professor of Paleolithic Archaeology at Leiden University).

Wil RoebroeksProf. Dr. Wil Roebroeks

For more information about Prof. Dr. Wil Roebroeks, the subject of the Cleveringa conference and Rudolph Pabus Cleveringa, please visit our website in French.

Practical information

Date: Tuesday 30 October at 19.00 hrs.
Location: Nimar, 3 Avenue Mohamed El Fassi (ex. Av. Marrakech)
Language: French
R.s.v.p. nimar@hum.leidenuniv.nl