12 September 2018

Start minor Culture and Society in Morocco 2018

On Monday 10 September the academic year has started at the NIMAR by kicking off with the introduction day for new students of the minor Culture and Society in Morocco. Students arrived in Rabat and were introduced to the institute, the staff members and the Moroccan cuisine.

Introductiedag minor 102F092F2018

After the introduction at the NIMAR, students went off to explore the city of Rabat together with locals and dive into the Moroccan culture. The students are very motivated and have high expectations of the minor and their stay in Morocco. Most of them are in a host family and some had already learned their first Arabic words . We are curious how well they will speak Darija (or French) after their stay, and what research topics they will choose!

Stadswandeling introductiedag minor102F092F2019