28 maart 2016

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18 March 2016
Students who are interested in Morocco can enrol in the brand-new English-taught minor ‘Culture and Society in Morocco’, which starts in September 2016 at NIMAR in Rabat. The minor is open to students of the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Netherlands.
The programme
The minor gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture, which means that at the end of the three months you will be a specialist on contemporary Morocco. You will be taught by various academics from Morocco and elsewhere about Moroccan history, society, politics and more. Alongside classes, there are many excursions in Rabat as well as a five-day fieldwork trip to the Moroccan countryside.
Rabat is the capital of Morocco and is a safe and orderly city on the Atlantic coast. It is a great place to get to know North-African life. Souhaib Ben Kchouh, who followed an earlier NIMAR minor in Rabat, talks about his experience of studying in the city: ’Rabat seems like a Western city, but new experiences are not hard to find. Every day in Rabat is an adventure and there are endless cafes to discover, where you can do your homework and get to know the locals.’
For students: practical information
The English-taught minor is worth 30 ECs and runs from September to December 2016. The programme is open to second-year and third-year students of Humanities and Social Sciences from all Dutch Universities.
• Admission is on a ‘first come first served’ basis. There is an option of pre-registration before 1 May.
• Registration for the minor is from 1 May to 1 June. Send an email with a brief explanation of why you want to do it together with your CV to nimar@hum.leidenuniv.nl.
• Come talk to us, and get a taste of the minor at the Minor Information Market on 12 April.
• More information can be found on the NIMAR website

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